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Improve, train and get inspired at Canis Lab training sessions.

Here you will find training sessions for beginners and advanced competitors. Training with Canis Lab will help you comprehensively develop skills and knowledge about dog sports and dog health. We will help you fully unlock your dog's maximum potential and make your joint sports performance healthier and safer . Simply Fast&Healthy.

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Train canicross

Suitable for: beginners, advanced

Join regular training sessions led by experienced trainers from the cooperating Musher club Paws in the Move, where you will learn the basics of canicross, scooterjöring or bikejöring - you just have to choose. Starting under the supervision of an experienced trainer will save you a lot of stress and you will avoid mistakes that would be difficult to unlearn later. You are sure that the sport will be healthy and safe for you and your dog.

Meet new human and canine friends and improve your performance. The doors are open even to complete beginners. We will advise you how to start and how to improve. We can lend you equipment and harnesses. Just log in.

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You can find training sessions in several places throughout the country, so take a look at the schedule and find the nearest group to train with!

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Canis Lab Academy

Suitable for: advanced, competitors

Do you want to train with world champions? Now is your chance!
With our elite competitors and experts, we organize exclusive trainings and seminars, where you can try out how to train at the highest level.

Top competitors will give you the maximum from their many years of experience. You will find out how to train for the most prestigious competitions, how to increase the dog's performance to the maximum and how to ensure that the sport is healthy and safe for him. Simply Fast&Healthy.

We will also focus on nutrition, dog physiotherapy, regeneration and advanced training. Thanks to trainings and seminars, you will get a comprehensive view of dog sports and health.

Join the champions!
We are preparing the first lessons of the Academy.

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Come and meet! You will find us at the upcoming races.



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